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Concert Grand

Product Overview

This Steinway C piano was hand picked by Elmer Bernstein (while composing the score for 'My Left Foot') from the Steinway factory in Hamburg. Word spread across the industry and it soon made a name for itself as an exceptional sounding piano. Nowadays, many artists will record at Windmill Lane specifically to use this piano.
Artists who have performed on this piano include Elvis Costello, David Bowie, Van Morrison, R.E.M, Ben Folds, The Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga.

The Steinway C

The famous Steinway C in Studio One, Windmill Lane - recorded in the Concert position.

12 Mic choices (1 Stereo Mix)

From 17 of the worlds finest microphones, Debbie Smith's engineering expertise shines over 12 mic choices designed to fit any genre of music.

String Resonance Tracking

A special custom script tracks the resonance of each string and will adjust sounding notes appropriately, improving realism and optimizing CPU usage.

Pedal Resonance

Sampled pedal down resonance can be adjusted to your liking; we also support repedalling, sympathetic resonance repedalling and continuous repedalling (repedalling of another repedal).

True Releases

Sampled releases have been carefully sampled and can be adjusted and disabled based on personal preference.

Sympathetic Resonance

Sympathetic resonance occurs when you hold down a note and play another note that shares a harmonic or fundamental. This is supported up to 16 notes in the harmonic series (both up and down).

The User Interface

We spent a great deal of time creating the easiest to use interface possible, while introducing the new "Calibrate" feature, which will help ensure you get as close to the original experience of playing this beautiful piano as possible.

System Requirements:

- Full version of Kontakt 5.7.3+

- 24GB Disk space required (48GB required during installation)

- Minimum 4GB RAM (8GB Recommended)

- Intel® i5 2.2GHz+ or equivalent

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