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Light and Sound Samples

- Ease of use -

We focus on making our instruments as playable as possible to provide maximum musicality.

- Highly flexible -

Recording in Windmill Lane provides unprecedented levels of flexibility allowing for fitting your instruments in any mix.

- Free updates and support -

We provide free updates for our products and have online manuals which are updated with FAQs.

Concert Grand

Latest Product

This Steinway C piano was hand picked by Elmer Bernstein (while composing the score for 'My Left Foot') from the Steinway factory in Hamburg. Word spread across the industry and it soon made a name for itself as an exceptional sounding piano. Nowadays, many artists will record at Windmill Lane specifically to use this piano.

Artists who have performed on this piano include Elvis Costello, David Bowie, Van Morrison, R.E.M, Ben Folds, The Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga.

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